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Creating Memories one Message at a Time

I love how someone's handwriting is unique to the individual.  The same goes for their voice.  I have loved ones that have passed and if I sit and reminisce about the days they were here, I can still hear their voice.  The deep laugh that some people have that come all the way from their stomach.  Oh I wish I could listen to their voice on repeat whenever I wanted.

We have an affordable solution for you!  Out NEW Audio Guestbooks will help you relive all these special moments from your special day.  Whether it be the day you marry your best friend, everyone's well wishes on your graduation day or some special memories your co-workers are sharing as they toast to your retirement.

Imagine your son or daughter being able to hear special wishes on each of their birthdays from those who attended your baby shower years ago.  How neat would it be to hear people's voices way back then?  I get chills thinking about it.

Our guestbooks are one of a kind.  They cancel out background noise that may be in the background at your event.  Makes it much nicer to hear the messages very clearly.  It is not something we ship out like the "other" audio books.  We come to you to set up to ensure everything is working properly and runs smoothly.  If you have guests that cannot make it to your event, they can call in with their well wishes remotely.  Their messages will get mixed in with the others attending the event.

We are in the process of creating some add on packages for these phones.  More to come in the following weeks.

We only rent out one audio guestbook a day.  So these are truly first come first serve.  If you want one for your special event, make sure to reserve asap.  Once you reserve for your day, you will have your choice of any of the phone we have in our current inventory.  By the way, we are always adding to it!

Let's start creating memories one message at a time!

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